S.L. Moran Ltd was established in 2007 as a company who specializes in marketing, consulting, importing, installation/maintenance and services for laboratory and process equipment, chemicals and consumable for laboratory.

The cornerstone of S.L Moran’s expertise lies in offering a complete scope of services ranging from applicative and technical, to unparalleled support both in pre and post-sale, for clients and companies in a variety of stages including new laboratories and research institutes.

R&D departments and Pilot plants will benefit from the expertise S.L Moran has to offer from start-up to pilot all the way to production scale.

The technical team is qualified to recommend equipment based on the specific needs of our clients and delivers in-depth technical and service support covering the fields of refrigeration, electricity and electronics.

S.L Moran represents some of the world’s leading laboratory and process equipment manufacturers and employs only the best and qualified personnel in order to ensure client satisfaction.

Our pilot plant / industrial equipment includes:

  • Reactors: glass & glass lined
  • Reactors: S”S & alloys
  • Circulators Thermostat
  • Filters: glass & metals
  • Filter dryers: glass & metals
  • Heat exchangers: glass, SiC & metals
  • Milles
  • Evaporators
  • Crystallizers

Laboratory equipment:

  • Stirring and heating plates
  • Circulating thermostats
  • Reactors: glass & metals
  • Filters: glass & metals
  • Ovens: drying & vacuum
  • Vortexs
  • Shakers
  • Evaporators
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Mills
  • Distillation systems
  • Automatic multi reactors
  • Ultrasonic baths & probes
  • Overhead stirrers
  • Homogenizers batch & inline
  • Distillation equipment
  • Glass equipment

Laboratory chemicals & consumables:

  • ALD / CVD Precursors
  • Amino Acids & Protected Amino Acids
  • Antibiotics
  • APIs
  • Biochemical compounds
  • Buffers
  • Building Blocks
  • Carbohydrates
  • Custom Peptides
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Diverse Fluorescent Products
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Fluorescent/Non-Fluorescent
  • Fluorochemicals
  • Labeled Compounds
  • Membranes & Filter Holders
  • Organic compounds
  • Oils
  • Resins
  • (Raw Materials (IVD
  • Silane & Silicone
  • Silica Gel

Rare & Hard to find Chemicals

Every laboratory has its own requirements, and S.L Moran’s integrated solutions specialized to the customer’s needs that far exceed expectations.  Our excellent reputation with both our customers and suppliers is everything to us and it is for this reason we keep our inventory well stocked.

Our customers come from a variety of application fields:

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, electronics and cosmetic

Chemistry and petrochemical industry

Universities and research institutes

Our customers include:

Agrofood Entra Bio Halora Mobil eye Ministry of health Padagis Qurex Teraputics
Adionix Aqubit Israel Biology inst. Motorad Teva – Novetide Polypid Clexio Better Buy
Adama – Agan Extra Lit Microbiology Inst. Migal Nobel Energy Phibro – Kofolk Kamada H2PRO
Adama – Makhteshim Bio Dalia Wavelength Pharma Meatafora Nur Ink Phytolon Kanasol InspireMD
Ariel University BTG Electric company Mybiotics New Rocket Finetech Reagenics Red Sea
Ben Gurion University Barrabi Imagindairy milk Mirror Biologics Nano Sono Pixcell- Medical Ringle Tech
Bar Ilan University Gauzy Teva Narimex Phloristem Resipharm
Tel Aviv University Globus Pharma Toksorb Weizmann Institute Solgel Panaxia Rafael
Orbotech Galil microaves Chemda College of Engineering Jerusalem Sufresca protalix Strauss
Orgenesis Galam Carmel Lab ORT Braude College of Engineering Steba Gat Foods Department of Corrections
Isotopia Gencellenergy Luxembourg Shenkar college STK bio-ag technology Carl Zeiss Sarel
Indigo – HP Groundwork Lipocure Sorek NCR Store Dot CallPlant Tami – imi
InterLab Dotz Nano Landa Labs Agricultural Research Organization Sigma Cosmo pharm Biological Industries
International flavors – IFF Dexal Mapi Pharma BJM Labs Smartech Cortex Beth-El Industries
Elbit – IMI Hebrew University Mavrik Dental Rafa Labs Sano Kornit Therapin
Alfreds Food Tech Technion Medgenics Dead Sea Works Spectralix QD Sol Taro
Electric Global Hinoman Medium Well The Global Heart Valve Ayana Pharma Qlight Bromine Compounds